Automotive Seat Belt Webbing

Road accidents are a major problem in the world according to the World Health Organization. Over 1.2 million individuals die every year due to accidents on the road. Using occupant restraints like air bags and seat belts is the best possible solution to lowering these statistics as they are very effective in preventing injuries and death from road accidents.

Automotive seat belts are very effective, easy to use and an inexpensive method of protecting oneself in an accident. Statistics show that the use of seat belts decreases the overall risk one may encounter in a road accident by 60% to 70%. It also reduces the risk of death by about 45%. It is a fact that one of the most essential life saving safety inventions in the world today is the seat belt. Seat belts are becoming more important as the road is getting busier and the vehicles are becoming much quicker. 

Automotive seat belt webbing is a fabric that’s narrow woven, and it’s made from filament yarn. During production, the filaments are usually molded into yarn and then wound into beams that are ready for weaving. The seat belt weaver has to perform three important roles. He has to weave, dye, and finish the material. In the early days of seat belt production, two materials were used together to produce the webbing: Nylon and Polyester. Nylon was used in constructing the lap while polyester was used in making the diagonal variety. Today polyester is the dominant material for making seat belt webbing due to its proven greater strength.

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Automobile Seat Belt Webbing

Most vehicle owners only think about replacing their automotive seat belt webbing only when it rips or frays, but that's because most people aren't aware that you can replace your seat belt webbing with different colors to dramatically increase the visual appeal of your automotive's interior. Take a look at our seat belt webbing options today. We can personalize your vehicle while making it safer with a simple and affordable webbing replacement. 

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