Switching From Standard Seat Belt Colors

Switching From Standard Seat Belt Colors
There are many people who find their seat belts in need of a little TLC. They may have become cut, torn, chewed, or worn out through the years. Others have completely functioning seat belts, but they are sick of the color they are made in.

If you are deciding to switch out of the standard gray, black, brown, or tan seat belts in your vehicle, there are many different options you can go with to get custom seat belt webbing.

First, you can leave the world of neutral colors behind and go with a much more interesting color. There are endless possibilities to choose from. Any color from the rainbow can be transferred onto seat belt webbing, whether it is a bright, glowing red or a deep purple!

If you don’t want to make too bold of a statement but still want some color there is another option you can go with. That would be to have neutral webbing with a thin lining of color on both edges. That will leave a subtle pop of color, but will make a statement nonetheless!

Another option you can go with, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, is getting multiple seat belt colors in your vehicle. This would definitely be the epitome of custom seat belt webbing! You could go with a bright color for the front seat belts, and a more subtle shade for the back, or vice versa. Or, you could do one of each color in both the front and back!

Whatever choice you decide upon, you can get it done at the company Seat Belt Restore. By going on their website, seatbeltrestore.com, you can select the service for custom seat belt webbing and check out the different options the company has available. You may even find an option for seat belts that wasn’t mentioned above!