Why You Should Replace Your Dog Chewed Seat Belt

Why You Should Replace Your Dog Chewed Seat Belt

Seat belts are one of the main parts of a vehicle used for protecting you and your passengers. Although the seat belt may be responsible for the tightening and locking up of your slack, it can, however, only be as strong as the material used for the seat belt webbing. Sometimes the seat belt webbing may get weak as it gets used over time. Other circumstances like accidents or your dog chewing your seat belt may also cause you to need to replace your seat belt.

If you have a dog chewed seat belt in your vehicle, then you’re exposing yourself to danger. The seat belt doesn't belong to the technical part of a car, and because of that there are no technical lights to indicate that your seat belt is faulty – especially not dog chewed seat belts. This means you're solely responsible for the proper maintenance of your seat belt webbing. With a defective seat belt like the dog chewed seat belts, you'll never be able to pass inspection especially if you own a salvage vehicle. So what do you do when your seat belt webbing has been chewed by your dog? Go for a replacement.

Dog Chewed Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

No doubt, replacing your dog chewed seat belt is a crucial safety precaution. But that should not cost you a fortune. Buying a new seat belt will definitely gulp a few hundred dollars. This is entirely unnecessary, and that's why we recommend that you opt for a webbing replacement instead. A dog chewed seat belt replacement will easily save you a couple hundred dollars, and all you need to do is choose the webbing color you want, remove the dog chewed seat belt and ship it to us for replacement. In a day or less, the seat belt webbing will be replaced with an equally strong or stronger OEM fabric and will be shipped back to you like new.

Save yourself from the potential danger that a dog chewed seat belts bring you and replace the seat belt webbing today.