Blue Seatbelt Webbing

Blue Seat Belt Webbing
Driving for years now, many of us know basic driving etiquettes. We know to acknowledge other drivers on the road, avoid distracted driving at all costs, only use the exit lane when exiting, and to avoid using the shoulder of the road for anything other than an emergency. However, there are many more ways you can be courteous on the road. Let me name a few.

First, you should sparsely honk your horn. If you live in a big city like New York City, you probably see this rule of etiquette being broken every other minute. However, if you want to be a polite driver, you should refrain from following suit. Constantly honking your horn is not only very nerve-racking to other drivers, but it can also be dangerous too. People may think that you are honking out of frustration, and not because of a real problem. Therefore, try to only honk in necessary situations, such as when someone is driving too close to your vehicle or if someone is still not driving at a green light. Also, be mindful that honking can mean different things to different drivers.

Another way to be a courteous driver is to allow other cars to merge. That doesn’t go to say that you should constantly be late to work as a result of letting every car merge in front of you. However, every once in a while it is nice to do so, especially if many of the drivers ahead failed to do so. For your own safety’s sake, just make sure that you are not putting yourself or others at risk of getting into a car accident when allowing another driver to merge ahead of you.

One final tip you can follow is to ignore aggressive drivers. Although other drivers can make you angry at times with their own aggressive behavior, avoid making the situation any worse. Do not react in an aggressive way back to them. Doing so might only put you in a more dangerous situation.

If you find yourself reading these tips and realizing you already follow them, then you are much better off than most drivers and should be proud of yourself. You should definitely reward yourself for a job well done, and continue driving this way.

A great way you can reward yourself is by getting blue seat belt webbing in your vehicle. Blue seat belt webbing screams prestige, and will have you driving confidently on the road at all times! Having blue seat belt webbing will also attract other drivers on the road, and perhaps they will even emulate your great driving habits!