Blue Seat Belt Webbing

Blue Seat Belt Webbing
Since a young age, many men can attest to the fact that car shows have fascinated them. Some keep the fascination only at surface level, attending a few more shows as they grow older. Others, however, can never shake the joy of car shows completely off, and decide to display their own vehicle in car shows. When submitting their car to a judged event, they do all the necessary things to have their vehicle meet--if not exceed--the standard of others. They put careful attention into their car's exterior, interior, as well as overall cleanliness.

To begin with, those choosing to bring their car to a show make sure that cleanliness is observed in both the exterior and interior of their displayed vehicle. Experienced car show fanatics know that even customized vehicles don't stand a chance if they are dirty! That means that a proper vacuum and dusting job is necessary in every single nook and cranny. Wheels and wheel wells should also be thoroughly cleaned, as they are definitely scored.  If a passerby were to open the trunk or any of the doors of the car, nothing should seem dirty or out of place.

Participants of a car show make sure that the car's exterior is worthy to be looked at by strangers. They ensure that the paint is in good condition, and top it off with a nice polish. A wax may be added to protect the paint. If a scratch were to be found, they may cover it up with some vinyl. They may also consider a custom paint job, as it would definitely score more points for them than factory paint would. The addition of special graphics as well as a body kit or an aero kit may also be the route that some car enthusiasts go with. If added, a sizable investment of money would be needed to get a proper fit. 

For cars displayed at a car show, the interior is just as important as the exterior. As with the exterior, custom is always better than factory anything! However, even custom parts need to be properly fitted and look like they were always present in the vehicle. Modifications definitely raise the worth of the vehicle at the show, but having a sloppy install has the opposite effect. Higher end seats with quality material seem to always garner more points for car owners. Getting a custom color, such as blue seat belt webbing would also raise the score the vehicle would receive in a show. Whether it be Cobalt Blue seat belt webbing or Ferrari Red, our west coast sister company Seat Belt Restore performs the job and guarantees quality. The webbing replacement is completed using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. FMVSS standards are met in the process. The company can do the blue seat belt webbing replacement in just 24 hours and attaches a lifetime warranty to the service!

Clearly, submitting a car into a judged event requires much dedication. But for those who choose to really invest in their car's cleanliness, exterior, and interior, the result can definitely be rewarding!