3 Pick-Me-Ups For a Dreary Winter Day

Wintertime means winter blues are upon many of us. Although the cold and snow is enjoyable in the beginning and right around the holidays, it quickly gets old. Soon, all that can be seen is brown snow lining the roads and days quickly receding into nights. For these few months, it is especially important that we take care of ourselves and try to find ways to compensate for all the dreariness. Described below are a few ways you can accomplish that.

To begin with, try to fill your home with bright light and things that remind you of spring and summer. Open up your shades to allow maximum sunlight to come in. If you don’t have some already, consider getting some plants as well. Greenery is a subtle reminder of spring and will also give you something to worry about other than yourself. It’ll also be rewarding to watch something grow indoors while everything outdoors is brown and bare.

Exercising is also something you can do to boost your mood in the winter. As most of us know, exercising increases the release of endorphins, or feel good hormones. These are much needed in the gloomy winter months. Fitting exercise into your morning routine before work will also give you energy to survive through your workday. If you can, try to exercise outside while it is still light out. Taking a run or a brisk walk around the neighborhood is a great idea, even if it’s for a few minutes.

Another great pick-me up during the wintertime is to start up a new hobby, or make time for one you already have. When it gets dark so quickly it is easy to fall into the routine of going to bed early and not doing much after work. That can easily result in more weariness or even depression. Picking up a hobby will give you something to look forward to at the end of a long workday, especially when there are limited activities to do outdoors.

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